Debbie sent us this picture of her Solexx Greenhouse.
Debi of New Jersey sent us this picture of her Solexx Greenhouse that weathered Hurricane Sandy.

Our hearts go out to all those still recovering from the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. As with all tragedies, there were some bright spots and stories of resilience that came out of the devastation. We are happy to report one of our customers found refuge in their Solexx Greenhouse when the power was out.

“This is an extremely well made product. I was able to assemble it with relative ease in a weekend with a friend. I spent a lot of time researching greenhouses. My garden is my favorite place to be and In Northern New Jersey the seasons don’t allow for much extra gardening time so I decided to purchase the oasis. I begin my season at the beginning of March and end in November/December. I grow limes, figs, oranges and lemons year round in the greenhouse.

I was worried when the hurricane was coming that it would fly away. I had planned to send ropes over it to try to secure it further than the tie-down kit. I chose not to and was happily surprised to see that it withstood the massive winds and rains. It was left standing when trees had fallen down all around our street. A large branch even bounced right off the roof with no damage. After the storm was over, my kids and I spent time warming up inside during the day because we were left without power for many days. This is one of my most satisfying purchases.”

–Debi, Fair Lawn, NJ