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Feed yourself and others – 10 ideas

Are you wondering in these tough times what you can do to help? I found this newsletter article from Front Range Living (I highly recommend subscribing to their newsletter) that has some useful ideas for helping out your community and neighbors and making sure your family has plenty of food as well.

10 WAYS TO FEED YOURSELF AND OTHERS -As the economy declines and food lines at community food banks swell, it’s time for home gardeners to swing into action. We’ve babied heirloom tomatoes and tender eggplants, swooned at delicate melons and crisp lettuces. Our weekend hobby has been invigorating and a good physical workout. But now it’s time to get serious. We can feed ourselves, our families, neighbors and strangers. It’s up to us to help fill food banks, enlist neighbors in our gardens and apply our knowledge, enthusiasm and experience to produce food. Here are 10 ways to get started. Read full article

By Michelle Torres

I have been joyfully employed in the garden and greenhouse industry at The Greenhouse Catalog for 15 plus years. I love being a part of the gardening community. Our customers are fun, sincere, and down to earth people -- the nicest people to be around! I hope you enjoy the collective gardening wisdom that has been shared over the years from staff and customers.

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