2014-05-23 MPFS

We teamed with MPFS back in 2014 and provided use of our 16′ x 20′ Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse to help them get a jump start on the seedling starts for their Community Garden.

It was estimated by Jared Hibbard-Swanson, MPFS Youth Farm Manager, that they were able to grow about 5000 plants over the course of the 3 months for their Youth Farm and had a great experience in doing so.

MPFS Youth Farm is a program that seeks to improve the quality, diversity and stability of our local food system by training Salem are young adults to grow food and run a small farm business. All of the youth who participated in our program in 2014 were able to acclimate a strong commitment to fighting for a fair food system and a few of them even saw themselves working directly in food production to bring nutritious and safe food to the community.

Jared also noted that throughout 2014, the Youth Farm had donated over 2,500 pounds of fresh produce to MPFS pantries and meal sites while selling another 2,500 pounds to support their business.

2014-05-23 MPFS all loaded up

It was so great to support MPFS with donated canned goods in the food barrel we had here onsite. We were able to join in to provide healthy fresh produce for those in need. It’s a small thing we can all do to help those in need and together WE CAN make an impact.

5-1-14 Marion-Polk Food Share Youth Gardens Program
5-1-14 Marion-Polk Food Share
5-1-14 The Marion-Polk Food Share
5-1-14 Youth Farm

Please donate to your local food banks to help make a difference in your communities.

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