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The Importance Of Proper Greenhouse Ventilation Components

Ventalation is perhaps the single most important component to a greenhouse and it serves two main purposes.

It provides fresh air, mainly in the form of carbon dioxide to plants, and it provides cooling for the greenhouse.

Because of this, great care must be given to ensure that proper supplies are purchased to achieve optimal ventilation.

Installing an evaporative system like a misting system, fogger, or evaporative cooler can provide additional essential cooling which is especially important on a hot summer day.

An exhaust fan ventalation system often consists of a fan designed to blow hot, stale air out of the greenhouse and pull cool fresh air in.

This can be accomplished by supplying your greenhouse with intake shutters mounted on the opposite end of the building. Many systems are able to make a complete change of air in one to three minutes.

You can use roof and side vents to supply cool air to your greenhouse. These are especially effective during cold winter months.

This is because fresh air is supplied more gradually than with an exhaust fan system, which helps reduce temperature shock to the plants growing inside.

Circulation fans are also highly recommended while using roof or side vents because they move air throughout the structure eliminating both hot and cold spots which is useful when heating or venting.

Thermostatic controls and solar powered autovents can be used to automate your ventalataion system. This is crucial because forgetting to ventalate even once can overheat everything inside.

There are many options to consider when deciding which ventalation supplies are necessary to have in your greenhouse.

Know the climate of your area and understand the changes that can take place and how to eliminate possible problems.

Good ventilation will always provide you a better environment for your plant growth.

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The Advantages of an Early Bloomer Greenhouse

When choosing a greenhouse, first, you must decide what you want to grow: flowers, plants, or herbs.

Next, you should figure out how big you want your greenhouse to be, which will often depend on how much space you have for the building itself.

Consideration should also be given to the types of material you wish to use. Finally, how much time and effort do you plan to put into actually building the structure?

Fortunetely, there are a variety of pre-fabricated kits to help you make your decisions. Different kits are designed with different needs in mind, and can often be customized to meet various specifications.

If you are like a lot of people, you may not have the time to attend to all the fine details of your construction. If this is the case, you might consider purchasing the Early Bloomer Greenhouse. This will benefit you for several reasons.

The Early Bloomer Greenhouse is one of our easiest to assemble and boasts many appealing features. Perhaps one of its most noteable features is that at only $750, it’s a very affordable way to get started.

This greenhouse is also portable, so if desired, you can set it right over a section of your garden to extend your season in the fall, or to get an early start planting seeds.

When your plants are safe from frost, it can be moved to any convenient 8′ x 8′ area of your yard or leave it over your garden all summer.

Air circulation with this greenhouse is great too, with a large 19′ x 30″ vent assembly also included. This helps keep fresh air circulating to your plants all year round.

Many entry level greenhouses do not have the height required to grow taller plants, or to stand comfortably inside.

At 6’3′ high in the center, the Early Bloomer has that covered too. There are even two rods running the full length of the structure, allowing you additional space for hanging baskets and plants.

If you’re looking for a quality greenhouse that is easy to use and versatile, the Early Bloomer Greenhouse is the one for you.

Greenhouse Supplies

The Benefits To Owning Your Own Greenhouse

Many serious gardeners would love nothing more than to own a greenhouse. There, they could enjoy the opportunity to grow beautiful blossoms and healthy vegitation year round instead of during one short season. Until recently, owning a greenhouse was a luxury, something that required too much money, a good deal of engineering experience, and a lot of time.

Today, because of development in greenhouse engineering, improvements in the durability of plastics, and availability of pre-fabricated greenhouse kits, people can enjoy the benefits of a greenhouse right in their backyard. So what are the benefits to having your own greenhouse?

There are many reasons why a greenhouse provides solid investment and a relaxing home environment. A greenhouse can not only increase the value of your home, but can also provides a quiet haven in which to reap the benefits of beautiful plants and vegetation.

A well-built greenhouse should require little care and extend your gardening pleasures throughout the entire year. Many people choose to grow organic fruits and vegetables, while others prefer blossoming flowers and plants. Whether for profit or personal pleasure, you will soon begin to see the advantage owning your own greenhouse will bring to your overall gardening experience.

There are several types of greenhouses, each providing various uses for different types of greenery. They come in all sizes and at varying costs. It is important to carefully research what type is needed to best suit your purpose.

Another benefit to owning your own greenhouse is that they are cost effective. Whether constructed of plastic, wood, or metal, they are now low in cost, and easy to assemble.

It is also easy to expand and add accessories as needed or desired, and you can recoop your cost by selling your finished products if you choose to do so. Add to that the wealth of information about the various types and how to construct them available in libraries and on the Internet, and you just may find there is no good reason not to garden year round!

Greenhouse Supplies

What You Need To Know Before Building Your Own Greenhouse

When planning to build your own greenhouse there are several things you should research and understand.  Whether taking steps toward developing a new hobby, or starting your own business, knowing what type of greenhouse will suit your needs is essential to your success.  Building the proper greenhouse is the first step.

There are two basic types of greenhouses: attached and free-standing.  Attached greenhouses come in either lean-to or even-span.  Both are built so they are attached as a part of your house.  They are convenient because you can step out your door and into your greenhouse without ever setting foot outside.  This is preferable when weather is bad.  If you have an outside wall facing south or southeast, the attached greenhouse can be energy efficient, and in colder months can contribute to the heating of your home. 

A free-standing greenhouse usually provides room for further expansion and is less expensive per square foot.  It also allows for more flexibility in greenhouse placement.  It is important to figure out which style best suits your needs before beginning the building process. 

Greenhouse kits are available in many different sizes from small portable buildings that can easily be disassembled, moved, and reassembled, to large units that serve as year round houses built to withstand all types of weather.  Choosing the type of pre-fabricated building you need is important and will eliminate the cost of architects and builders.

A pre-fab greenhouse kit comes with materials especially suited to the humidity of a greenhouse environment.  They are all engineered to fit and work together to create an effective building to house plants, flowers, and herbs.  The kit also includes all the hardware you need, with options for adding accessories as needed.

The materials used to frame your greenhouse can range from steel to wood, while the covering can be made of glass or fiberglass.  There are several types of frames and coverings to choose from, and each type can serve diferent needs.  It is important to know what you need before choosing a kit.  By conducting the proper research, and perhaps consulting kit manufacturors, you will be on your way to building a quality greenhouse.

Greenhouse Supplies

The Attached Greenhouse

Most people have hobbies, projects they enjoy doing in their spare time.  Whether your hobby is simple or more complicated, it is important to choose the best tools to get the most out of the experience.  For the greenhouse hobbyist, this is no exception. 

There are many types of pre-fabricated greenhouse kits for this hobby.  This article will focus on lean-to greenhouses.

The lean-to greenhouse is an excellent choice when space is an issue.  Because it has what is called an “attached greenhouse”.  It is designed to easily fit next to your home, garage, or shed, and will make an attractive addition.  The frame is constructed of a sturdy composite tubing material that will prevent the build up of condensation, and the cover is designed to retain heat.  It also comes with a large louver for proper air circulation. 

The Harvester is covered with Solexx paneling to provide you and your plants with maximun diffused light to get outstanding growth.  The design is charming yet practical, with a unique blend of materials for an incredibly sturdy structure, while creating a wonderful growing environment. 

The Harvester is unusual in for lean-to greenhouses with it’s spacious design. You get a ton of headroom with the ceiling in the aisle-way at over 7 feet. Plus three full-length rows of bench frames maximizes the space for all of your plants, and it’s sturdily constructed to support hanging plants.

It is important to choose a greenhouse that will be appropriate for your needs, as well as one that is cost-effective and time-saving.  This will help minimize the work and maximize the fun of your hobby.