The tasks toward proper maintenance and care can be broken down into three sections of care: daily, weekly and monthly care. If you perform these tasks in their timely order you are guaranteed to be blessed with a well cared for greenhouse.

Daily maintenance

Be sure to open vents or windows to keep a consistent temperature through out the day. Check your thermometers for temperature reading. If this is something you don’t have time for daily you may want to invest in automatic window or vent openers. You can find these in a greenhouse catalog. Also check to see if your shade cloth needs to be put on or taken off, as the day requires. Lastly inspect for pests/bugs on your plants. It’s better to check daily to keep the dangers away from your plants.

Weekly maintenance

This includes: watering or setting misters. Potting new plants or sewing new seeds can be done weekly. Clean your pots and other gardening tools weekly as needed. This keeps your pots and other tools ready for the next use whenever you need them.

Monthly maintenance

Potting new plants, collecting flowers or vegetables as needed. This is also a good time to check the panels of your greenhouse. Do any of them need to be replaced or tightened? You may need to clean the panels if they are overly dirty. Also keep a list of needed supplies and once a month go into town a get what you need in one stop.

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