How to Build a Greenhouse

  1. Sketch out your building plans in detail. Use graph paper to scale if possible. In your design, be sure to include any electrical outlets or gas and water lines that are needed.
  2. Decide where to construct your masterpiece. Choose an area that gets full sun and is relatively flat, unless you have time and money to spend on excavating.
  3. Prepare a shopping list and shop wisely. It may take you a few weeks to gather your building supplies if you are a frugal shopper, so plan accordingly.
  4. Prepare the foundation. If your design calls for a concrete, gravel, or brick floor, prepare the foundation and set the posts for your greenhouse (a combination of a gravel walkway and a gravel base is recommended). Be sure to anchor your structure appropriately, especially if you live in a windy area. Don’t forget to bring your electricity, gas and water lines into the greenhouse.
  5. Next, install the framework for your greenhouse walls and roof.
  6. Installing the heating system is next. You can choose from a solar-powered, gas, electric or oil heater for your greenhouse.
  7. Circulating fans, if desired, are installed after the heating system is in place.
  8. After wiring, heating and cooling systems, and framework is in place, you can install the covering of choice in the greenhouse frame. Options include, plastic, poly-vinyl sheeting, fiberglass, Solexx, or glass. See greenhouse paneling comparison chart.
  9. Install your water source and any automated systems you desire.
  10. Arrange benches, supplies, and plants inside the greenhouse.

Click here for more information on designing your own greenhouse

Custom Urban Greenhouses

Using a custom greenhouse allows you to plant in layers, making optimum use of the space you have available. Allowing for only moderate success in greenhouse gardening, you can harvest seven times the produce by using a specialized greenhouse kit compared to what you would harvest using the same amount of soil and planting directly into the ground.

Best of all, you don’t even technically need a yard to grow your own produce in a greenhouse. You can erect a greenhouse kit on top of just about any sturdy, flat surface, including pavement or a flat roof (you will want to verify that the roof can support the weight, of course).

In addition to vegetables, you can grow herbs, fruit, flowers, or virtually anything size-appropriate which grows in the ground inside a custom greenhouse. Not only can you slash your grocery bill by growing your own produce throughout the year, but your family can be assured that the produce from your greenhouse kit is fresh and healthy. With relatively little adjustment, the vast majority of urban families can enjoy produce grown right at home in their specialized greenhouse kits.

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