Greenhouse Books

Beginning a collection of greenhouse books is a great way to celebrate your love of greenhouse gardening, even when you can’t get to the greenhouse! Greenhouse books are full of information about greenhouse gardening, helpful greenhouse gardening tips, and beautiful pictures of thriving greenhouse plants in the height of their glory.

Greenhouse books also make great gifts for the greenhouse gardening enthusiast on your shopping list! If you are just starting out with a greenhouse book collection, or if you need a few starter ideas to help you choose the perfect book for a greenhouse lover in your life, try out any one of these wonderful and popular greenhouse books.

  1. The Greenhouse Expert
  2. Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion, Revised: Growing Food & Flowers in Your Greenhouse or Sun space
  3. How to Build Your Own Greenhouse
  4. And many more related gardening books

For even more ideas on great greenhouse books, try visiting your local public library to browse the greenhouse books available. You may even find one or two greenhouse books worth taking home or even purchasing from a bookstore. This is also a great way to peruse books before purchasing them as gifts for friends without making the book look as if you read it before giving it away.

Greenhouse books come in many different sizes. You can choose from a variety pocket guides for quick reference directly in the greenhouse, or large hardcover editions that are perfect for displaying on a coffee table or bookshelf. Some full color editions are even suitable as a centerpiece or topic of conversation at a gardening party or gardening club gathering.

Greenhouse books are a wonderful way to expand and share your love of greenhouse gardening with others. They also make great gifts for any gardening or greenhouse gardening enthusiast on your shopping list. Greenhouse books hold a wealth of knowledge tucked between pages of colorful photographs and useful greenhouse gardening tips!

Accessories Ideas for Fun and Pleasure

Garden Gloves. If you regularly wear gardening gloves, why not add a little smile to your day by purchasing gloves with a fun design. Sponge Bob, Smiling Bumblebees, or brightly colored gloves will do the job just as well as those plain brown gardening gloves. Choose a design that makes you smile.

Sun Catchers. Sun catchers are a beautiful addition to any gardening accessories collection, especially in the greenhouse. These brightly colored glass wonders can transform a greenhouse or garden area into an enchanted place of whimsical beauty. Sun catchers are available in various abstract patterns, themes, or characters. Have a love for ladybugs? What about rainbows or fairies? You can find various sun catchers to decorate your gardening space and show off the beauty of the sun in a style that’s all your own.

Potting Benches. The right potting bench can add comfort and personality to your greenhouse. Potting benches offer the benefit of having a place to get your hands dirty while you dig in to your gardening adventures, as well as a place to lay your many gardening tools, such as gardening gloves and growing aids. Potting benches come in wood or metal styles, most often cedar and aluminum. Finding the style that is the best fit is as easy as weighing your needs against the dollars in your pocket.

Decorative Containers. If you want to take your gardening from engaging hobby to wonderful escape, it is a good idea to have the right greenhouse supplies on hand. A nice selection of decorative containers is nice because they can take that simple perennial and turn it into a decorative arrangement.

Plant Stands. Plant stands can help to maximize the space inside even the smallest greenhouse. Multi-layered plant stands can nestle neatly in a corner, often displaying three or more rows of plants- from those that were just recently planted, to those that are blooming into their prime. When you put both of your green thumbs into the hard work of making your greenhouse garden beautiful, it’s nice to have a spot to display them all so proudly.

Outdoor Lighting. One of the best ways to enjoy your garden after the sun goes down is to install accent garden lighting. Solar lights are the ideal gardening accessories when it comes to accent lighting. These inexpensive garden accent lights can be placed around your favorite crops, in a special sitting area inside your garden, or around the border of your greenhouse. Colored accent lighting can also add whimsy and fun to the adventurous gardener’s space.

Hanging Baskets. Hanging baskets serve as a way to admire and appreciate the beauty of flowers and celebrate your gardening efforts. Once your seedlings have outgrown their 4″ pots, you can bring them together to make a colorful arrangements from floor to ceiling.

Wind Chimes. Wind chimes are a fun and inexpensive addition to any garden. You can choose from small wind chimes, to sets that are larger than a full-grown man. If you are crafty, you can even make your own set of custom wind chimes from items scourged from the local junk yard cleaned up and painted to match your custom design.

Art. Many greenhouse gardeners appreciate the simple beauty found in nature, and purchasing a framed print of a photograph that captures nature’s glory at its finest is sure to be a treasured gift for any greenhouse gardening enthusiast. Better yet frame a picture of a prized plant your gardening friend grew in their greenhouse.

Magazines. Greenhouse gardeners will always welcome a little know-how from fellow greenhouse gardening lovers. Some popular choices in greenhouse gardening magazines are Garden and Greenhouse, Fine Gardening, and Mother Earth News.

Camera Supplies: Documenting your growing season is one of the best ways to prolong your greenhouse gardening enjoyment. Stock up on film, memory cards, batteries, photo paper, or printer ink to be prepared for those first new shoots that will be emerging any day now.

Unusually fun Greenhouse supplies:

Birds. Adding Hummingbird feeders can provide a great source of entertainment, photo opportunities, and a little cross pollination action for your flowering fruits and veggies. Garden supply stores carry a wide range of Hummingbird feeders and you’re sure to find one that match your garden theme and personal taste.

Snazzy Gear. Buy a festive pair of garden boots, a big floppy hat with your favorite flowers around the brim, or a pair of hot pink overalls for your gardening chores! Whatever strikes your fancy can help brighten your mood and lift your spirits as those last winter snowdrifts melt away.

Whirlygigs. Yes, that’s probably not the technical term for those wind-powered novelties, but it sure is fun to say! You can make your own whirlygigs ( ) or purchase ready made ones from a novelty shop. You can even find floor to ceiling models that boast intricate designs crafted from metal and multiple color schemes for your visual pleasure.

Worms. They make ideal garden supplies since they produce nutrient rich castings and help aerate your soil. Just transfer your excess worms (they tend to multiply like crazy) from your worm trays into your garden soil as you work your crops. Watching the little crawlers burrow into the earth is sure to put a smile on your face.

Wind Chimes. Gardeners often feel close to nature, and installing wind chimes or wind-powered decorations to your garden helps you celebrate the power of the elements more completely. Themed wind chimes are available if you are looking for something with a little whimsy, or you can simply select one that has an appealing sound for your garden.

Accents. Don’t forget the accents! The right accents in your greenhouse will turn your greenhouse from outdoor annex to second home. A small garden stone or tool shelf, or a fountain figurine may be choices that help you find the accents that make you feel like your greenhouse belongs to you.

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