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Successful Planting

Starting your own plants from seed has so many advantages!

  • Reduce your grocery bills
  • Grow special varieties of produce that you can’t find in the grocery store or your area
  • Maximize your food’s nutrition by eating fresh picked and local
  • Save money and start flowers to fill your flower beds with color
  • Enjoy the best tasting food possible
  • Share with family and friends
  • And so much more!

Get your seeds off to the right start for the most successful germination! Click here to print your FREE Seed Starting Guide. This guide can help you master the basics of seed planting or reinforce you prior skills from previous seed starting years.

Start your seedlings or cuttings with ease at a fantastic value! Everything you need for one flat of seeds can be found on our website. Such as: our 3″ Coir Fiber Biodegradable Pots that are environmentally friendly; the Seedling Heat Mat, perfect for one flat of seeds, encourages more successful starts; and organic starter cubes for cuttings and seeds for soil or hydroponics.

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By Michelle Torres

I have been joyfully employed in the garden and greenhouse industry at The Greenhouse Catalog for 15 plus years. I love being a part of the gardening community. Our customers are fun, sincere, and down to earth people -- the nicest people to be around! I hope you enjoy the collective gardening wisdom that has been shared over the years from staff and customers.

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