Lugging a full watering can around several times a day may be tolerable if you are only growing a few plants, but most greenhouse gardeners find that a quality garden hose and nozzle is essential.

For those greenhouse gardeners who prefer a more high-tech approach to watering, an automated sprinkler system, drip hoses, or hydroponic feeding gear may be the answer. These types of systems often require far less energy on the part of the gardener, freeing you to spend more time performing other greenhouse gardening tasks- or perhaps even more time to enjoy the fruits of your greenhouse labor.

Drip System – A drip watering system usually sets down in the pot or soil and has a slow, steady drip that keeps plants moist without over watering the soil. Drip systems are usually made from hoses or bottles with tiny holes. The holes in hoses cause a high surface ratio and only allow small amounts of water through. If you don’t have the means to buy a drip system, you can always make one out of a gallon jug or a 2-liter bottle. By cutting a few holes in the cap of the bottle and a few around the sides of the bottom, you can make your own drip system that will keep your plants well watered even if you forget about them from time to time.

Misting System – These systems are good to use for plants that only need a small amount of water, such as cacti because their root systems make the most of any water applied. In addition, these can help to cool your greenhouse and add humidity in dry climates. A greenhouse misting system may utilize a pump which is designed for continuous or intermittent watering. A continuous greenhouse misting system will do exactly as the name implies while the intermittent system is designed to sprinkle water for a specific amount of time and then will rest for a specified time before it begins again. A greenhouse misting system will provide your greenhouse plants with the humidity and coolness needed on a hot and dry summer day.

Running Water – Running water systems are probably the easiest to fabricate and can be made using PVC pipe, just like any other irrigation system. A great idea for the running water systems is to use barrels to collect rainwater. This is a great way to water your plants by conserving water and cutting down on the costs of upkeep. When designing your running water system with rain barrels, be sure to put in a good working valve so that you can retain all of the water you catch from the rain.

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