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  1. Do you have to be a member to shop?
    • Nope! Most co-ops offer two kinds of membership. 1) A shareholder or co-owner membership and 2) a senior or discounted membership. So be sure to ask what’s available in your area.
  2. Is there financial aid available?
    • Yes! Many co-ops have programs to facilitate the transition of excess dues over to helpful donations that can assist those who can’t afford a membership
  3. How about co-op membership cards from an outside community?
    • As community food co-ops continue to grow in popularity, there has been an increased effort to integrate different programs. In many community food co-ops, a membership card for another existing co-op is enough to receive the full member price at the co-op where you are shopping
  4. Is the food sold 100% organic?
    1. Most co-ops do not have a 100% organic inventory. They do, however, often stock organic products on the majority of their shelf space.
  5. Do co-ops accept food stamps?
    • Yes! Almost all community food co-ops accept food stamps. There may be a few outliers, but they would be the exception to the rule.

Many co-ops are committed to maintaining their model so that they can encourage their members to make informed choices on issues regarding food, healthy lifestyles and care of the environment. Most offer a wide variety of excellent quality healthy products, presented in a friendly community atmosphere.

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