Greenhouse kits are becoming increasing popular, especially among new gardeners, and hobby gardeners. A greenhouse kit can contain everything you need to get started with a new greenhouse gardening hobby or expand your love of gardening from the backyard to the greenhouse.

They teach you how to work with simple materials that you can buy from your local home improvement store and can be as complex or as simple as you want. Be prepared to do a bit of carpentry or simple metalwork, but for the most part there’s nothing too tricky involved in greenhouse plans.

Some avoid the use of glass altogether and utilize simple plastic sheeting. These are ideal for a beginner who is uncertain about cutting glass at home. Many greenhouse kits are lightweight and snap together making assembly quick and easy. Some even boast easy set up and tear down for the ultimate convenience and portability.

Kits also provide a practical option for many people who would otherwise not be able to afford greenhouses. Most Solexx greenhouse kits are expandable and adaptable, they’re designed to be able to grow with you as you expand your greenhouse garden.

Greenhouse plans supply all the basic information you need to know about preparing the different parts of your greenhouse. Be sure to read over the included parts and instructions before purchasing a kit if possible or speak with a greenhouse gardening sales specialist or consultant to make sure you are getting the right greenhouse gardening kit to suit your individual needs.

Set up your new backyard greenhouse kit with a little help from your friends. Most kits are straightforward and easy to assemble but having a few extra hands to hold ends aloft and fetch attaching pieces is always a plus.

Types of Greenhouse Kits:

  • Garden Greenhouse Kits
    • The garden greenhouse is one of the easiest ways to begin a greenhouse gardening hobby.  These types of greenhouses include pop up greenhouses, portable greenhouses, and even cold frame greenhouses that make outdoor gardening easier. These greenhouses can be placed over plants in your outdoor garden or can be used to get a head start on or extend the growing season. These sturdy, lightweight structures are generally small and easy to set up and tear down. They can be transported from spot to spot in the yard or set up over an existing backyard garden if necessary.  These greenhouses can be torn down quickly and often collapse into a compact form for easy storage.
  • Lean-to Greenhouse Kits
    • Many garden-loving homeowners opt for a lean-to greenhouse kit to help them add a greenhouse room onto an existing structure like the garage, workshop, or back of the home. Lean-To greenhouses also are available in completely enclosed structures so you can set it against a wall or fence without the need to fasten it to your home. 
  • Mini Greenhouse Kits
    • Home greenhouses, or indoor greenhouses, are ideal for people with limited outdoor growing space. These types of greenhouses can be placed in a closet or basement, a windowsill, or even on an outside porch. The type of home greenhouse you select is often most dependent upon the amount of space you have available for your greenhouse.
    • If indoor space is not a limiting factor in your selection, you can choose your home greenhouse according to the types and numbers of crops you wish to grow. If you only want to grow a few herbs for cooking, a simple countertop greenhouse will do. However, if you want to fill your basement with greenhouse kits and grow light to produce an entire veggie, flower, and fruit selection, then you may want to select a larger home greenhouse or multiple shelving-type home greenhouses.
    • Mini greenhouse kits are perfect for those who live in cramped spaces. These kits are perfect for starting seedlings or growing cooking herbs and small flowers. These versatile greenhouse kits can fit on a deck, in the grass, or even over an existing vegetable garden. Some are specially designed to be easily folded and stored while others are designed for better protection.
  • Permanent Hobby Greenhouses
    • These greenhouse structures are designed to hold up to the elements to keep you plants safe and thriving. They are available in a variety of sizes, but for tight spaces, you can find a variety of compact sizes to choose from. Hobby greenhouses are a fixture in your yard and plants can be kept in them all year. Many people use their greenhouse to start seed early in the spring or to overwinter their container plants. A permanent greenhouse is a great place for gardeners to escape the dreary weather throughout the year.

There are several factors to consider when selecting a greenhouse kit, but the two major factors are space and budget.

Consider the amount of space you have available for a greenhouse kit and look for a kit that fits within your measurements. Then, you’ll need to determine how much your budget allows for purchasing and installing your new greenhouse kit. Purchasing a new greenhouse kit is a great way to start a greenhouse gardening hobby or expand your love for gardening in an a few easy steps.

Useful tips while getting prepared for your greenhouse kit:

  1. When ordering a greenhouse kit, make “ease of assembly” a priority. Sure, you’ll want to ensure the kit has everything you can afford and desire. But, be sure to get one which is known to be simple to construct. There are many out there, so look around before purchasing. Most easy-to-assemble models will say “requires no need to hire a contractor” or something similar. Unless your technical knowledge of construction is advanced, this is important for you to remember.
  2. Don’t get overwhelmed when you first open the greenhouse kit boxes. You’ll see oddly shaped bundles, aluminum bars, nuts, bolts, wire clips and glass holders. You may also see plastic pieces and manuals of instruction. Most manuals look overwhelmingly large. However, if you look closer, you’ll likely see they are thick due to the various languages the instructions are offered in.
  3. Be sure to follow the manual! While it may be tempting to try to figure out where everything goes without reading the instructions, it’s vital for proper construction to read the manual. Most manuals show drawings and written step-by-step instructions, which can make the task much easier than guessing where things go.
  4. Most greenhouse kits require a proper foundation before construction. Many kits can include the base frame for an additional cost. So, be sure you have this in place before starting. Some greenhouse designs require concrete to be poured into the pipes and then leveled.
  5. Don’t expect to need many tools. Most greenhouse kits require only the parts included, the base, and basic tools like a screwdriver, electric drill, level, ladder, rubber mallet, tape measure and knife.
  6. Greenhouse kits are available to meet the needs and tastes of nearly every greenhouse gardener and purchasing a kit makes greenhouse gardening fun and easy. No matter what your gardening need or level of expertise, there’s a greenhouse kit available to help you fulfill your greenhouse gardening dreams.

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