Not much happens in the Northwest. Sure, we are in an earthquake and volcano zone, but the chances of a major event happening in your lifetime is rare. A few weeks ago, we had a very unusual emergency alert come through the Portland community. The alert said to not drink tap water until further notice due to a potential ecoli scare. Immediately, we realized we were not prepared with extra bottled water on hand and headed to the nearest store.

When we arrived, the parking lot was full. Inside, people were lined up at the checkout line with carts full of nothing but water. The water isle was already empty in less than 30 minutes.

Fortunately, the alert only lasted about 24 hours, but the was a wake up call for us laid back Northwesterners. You never know when disaster might strike and it is foolish not to be prepared.

It turns out September is National Preparedness Month. So what better time than to evaluate your emergency supplies and plans. Next to water, we are very reliant on our food system. What if suppliers could not get food to the grocery stores? Would you be prepared? This is one reason why we believe a greenhouse should be a high priority on your emergency kit list.

You may already have a garden, to help reduce your reliance on the grocery store. Of course your garden can only be utilized a few months of the year. A four season greenhouse like Solexx helps you supplement your food supply throughout the year. So don’t put off your greenhouse purchase for another day. You never know when disaster might strike. Make the National Prepardness Month be the month that you finally get fully prepared.

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