If you have a close relative or friend that is a keen gardener or is looking for a new hobby, greenhouse kits are a great option. Is there a little corner of the garden which they’ve been meaning to get around to working on for ages, where nothing ever seems to work out as planned? Clearing it to make space for a greenhouse could give them the gardening treat they’ve always dreamed of – and with so many different greenhouse types available today it’s easy to find the perfect fit, no matter the style of their garden.

  • Modern greenhouses: can be assembled quickly
  • Kits: with a friend you could assemble them overnight
  • Opportunities and pleasures which are otherwise out of reach in most climates, grow exotic flowers or to cultivate delicious fruit or herbs for the dinner table.
  • Utilitarian square-framed set-ups: popular in many small suburban gardens
  • Elegant domes: look splendid among a landscape of trees and bushes
  • Timber-framed structures: add a charming rural quality to your home and its surroundings

Gardening Gifts for Tight Budgets

  1. Seeds. You can put together an attractive basket of seed packets garnished with a few ribbons and silk flowers to give to your favorite greenhouse gardener. If your budget allows, you can add in a few greenhouse gardening tools, hand spades and rakes, gardening gloves or hand cleaner.
  2. Magazines. Greenhouse gardeners will always welcome a little know-how from fellow greenhouse gardening lovers. Some popular choices in greenhouse gardening tools:
    • Garden Greenhouse
    • Mother Earth News
    • Garden Design
  3. Wind Chimes. Wind chimes are a fun and inexpensive addition to any greenhouse. You can choose from small wind chimes to sets that are larger than a full-grown man. If you are crafty, you can eve make your own set of custom wind chimes from items scourged from the local junk yard, cleaned up and painted to match a custom design.
  4. Art. Many greenhouse gardeners appreciate the simple beauty found in nature, and purchasing a framed print of a photograph that captures nature’s glory at its finest is sure to be a treasured gift for any greenhouse gardening enthusiast.
  5. Dirt. If you tend to lean more toward the practical side when it comes to gift giving, a few bags of potting soil, fertilizer, or vermiculite will be much appreciated by your fellow practical greenhouse gardener.
  6. Decorated pots. If you’re looking to keep your holiday spending low, you can always try your hand at gardening and give anyone on your shopping list a decorated pot with an easy to grow plant flourishing inside.

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